About Us

Creating a space where everyone feels welcome and where I'm able to share products I love and believe in has been my dream for as long as I can remember ~ since I was 10 years old, if we're being exact.

Actually Boutique started out as a daydream, an idea. Somewhere that could serve people as a second home; where they could pop in on a Saturday morning, not having to worry about tying their dogs up outside or finishing their coffee before they cross the threshold.

After many years dreaming, talking and planning, I decided enough was enough, and I was going to make my dream a reality.

Fast-forward through years of hard work and sweat equity, and you get to where we are today; a store that I'm proud to call home to so many amazing Australian brands, with a focus on eco-friendly and ethically manufactured products.

Actually Boutique, through and through, is a visual representation of my heart and soul. Growing up surrounded by nature ~ surrounded by the forests of Mount Dandenongs in a small town called Tecoma ~ my love of nature inspired the bones of my store. 

With reclaimed wooden shelves from my dad's garden showcasing and supporting our beloved products, an interior that's inspired by the forests of my youth, and splashes of colour that represent me, I can only hope our customers find as much peace and inspiration in my store as I do.